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EBP-ICI workshop, 16-18 February 2011

Information for workshop participants - please click here


Expert meeting, 25-26 November 2010

Réunion de réseau du 18 au 19 mai 2010, Graz

We are now entering the final moments of the EBP-ICI moments. The team will be gathering in Graz on 25/26 november to work on the kit and to prepare the February Central Workshop. More to come on this page!


Following the Network meeting in Graz (May 2010), new documents are now online in the "Resources" section of this website. Please do not hesitate to visit it and to download the documents.Graz May 2010









Expert meeting 8-9 July 2009

The expert meeting took place on 9-10 July 2009 in Graz. The following participants were present: Claude Cortier, Marisa Cavalli, Matthew Fitt, Martine Le Besnerais (replacing V. Unamuno and Angels Campa), James Costa and also Piero Aguettaz and Germano Dionisi, associate partners from the Val d’Aoste. Frank Heyworth, our consultant, was also present. His valuable presence enabled us to gather some knowledge about the activities of the other projects.
The report drafted after the meeting of the French and Italian teams in March 2009 was used as a basis for discussion.
The meeting enabled the different teams to present the work that had been accomplished since the Lyon regional workshop in November 2008, such as:

  • teacher training activities in terms of pluralistic approaches designed in collaboration with Jean-François de Pietro (Italy).
  • Martine Le Besnerais’s work regarding intercomprehension activities she worked on within the Galatea, Galanet and Redinter projects, and the possible connexions with the work currently being done by associate teachers (Spain).
  • the exchanges between a school in Scotland and one in Denmark, which could be extended to other Scandinavian countries (North Sea Neebors project, Scotland).
  • an intercomprehension experiment between French and Italian pupils with Occitan as a common language during a school trip to Italy (France).

Orientations for 2010-2011 were discussed and proposed as a Mindmap [ONLINE]. Steps were also taken to ensure better coordination between all members, and a short newsletter will be issued on a monthly basis.

To view the meeting mindmap, created by Marisa Cavalli, click on the picture (pdf document):


Work is now firmy in progress, with associate teachers in France, Italy, Spain and Scotland now at work in collaboration with researchers in those four countries. The team collaborates both through the present website and through the Amico collaborative online workspace, hosted by our Italian partner in the Val d'Aoste. The internal part of the present website will be favoured from now on.


Virginia Unamuno was unfortunately unable to continue with us, but she has been replaced by Angels Campa, also from the AUB.


While the Val d'Aoste is now focusing on teacher training and collaborative work, due to geographical imperatives, the French team are now working closely with a small, but tight, network of teachers in various areas in France, and visiting them as often as possible to work on activities and observe developments for research purposes.




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First Regional Workshop organised in Lyon at the INRP:


The Regional workshop in Lyon started with a presentation of the Council of Europe and the ECML by Susanna Slivensky, programme director, and was followed by an intervention by Dr. Francis Manzano (professor of dialectology and sociolinguistics at the University of Lyon 3), the aim of which was to present current trends and research in minority languages and language planning in Western Europe.

The regional meeting in Lyon enabled several teachers from France and Italy involved in the project to meet up and pursue their work together.

Associate teachers were able to present examples of good practice and plurilingual projects. Representatives from Spain, Hungary, Romania, Poland and the UK were also able to present their own regional minority language contexts, and Diane Dagenais, our associate team member from Vancouver presented her own work and stimulated the debates. 


  • 17/01/09-01/02/09: Claude Cortier and James Costa were invited by the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional in Mexico to present their work and more particularly the ECML project. A warm welcome was given by both teachers and students to the project, which is of particular interest to the local linguistic indigenous languages contexts.
  • November regional workshop in Lyon, France:

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