Expected results

The final product will include:
- the creation of a long-term network of connected schools as well as an online platform to make inter-school communication easier.
- a multimedia didactic kit for teachers, teacher trainers and decision-makers which will include:
   - a theoretical framework for reference.
   - a glossary of key concepts.
   - a collection of practical examples selected by the project team and judged efficient and transferable to other contexts, as well as the list of criteria which enabled the team to decide on what is good practice.
   - language samples (written and oral) which could be used in class to design activities.
   - Interlinguistic activities (among which textual activities - oral texts, poetry, literature, songs, cartoons, documentary texts and more language-oriented or interlinguistic activities which may be used for linguistic activities in terms of structural or grammatical, syntactic or lexical comparisons. The historical dimension will also be included).
   - activities to favour intercomprehension between near and collateral languages (comprehension, interactions).
   - propositions and recommendations for decision makers in the field of education.

   - a list of online ressources about minority languages in Europe.


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