Project description

Minority languages, collateral languages and bi-/plurilingual education (EBP-ICI)

Medium-term project (2008 – 2011)

Project working languages:  English and French

Thematic strand: Plurilingual Education

Expected results and output:

The final product will include:
• the creation of a sustainable network of connected schools;
• a multimedia web-based didactic kit for teachers, teacher trainers and decision-makers
- a collection of practical examples transferable to other contexts including language
samples (written and oral)for use in class;
- activities promoting intercomprehension between collateral/near languages;
- suggestions and recommendations for decision makers in the field of education.

Target audience for the activities planned within the project:  

  • teacher working as multipliers in networks;
  • teacher educators.

Sector of education focussed on:
  • primary sector

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