Matthew Fitt

 Mathew Fitts




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Founding member of Itchy Coo, a Scots language education project (

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Head of Itchy Coo and writer

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Itchy Coo

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MA in English Literature, Edinburgh University
Postgraduate degree in teaching, Edinburgh University

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English, Czech, French
Contribution to the project
Matthew Fitt taught at primary school level, he is also a writer and author of several children's books in Scots. He is a founding member of Itchy Coo, a Scots language educational project, which regularly publishes books aimed at primary and secondary school children. The Educational Project has been able to develop a wide network of schools (over 500) throughout Scotland, and along with other team members he intervenes regularly throughout the country to develop Scots in schools, and make pupils more aware of both the variations of English and the existence of the Scots language, which many pupils actually speak without being aware of it. The aim of Itchy Coo is to promote Scots, a language spoken by over a million people in Scotland but also in Northern Ireland. The situation of Scots is in many ways very similar to the situation of Occitan in France. Also, as a Germanic language, Scots will be useful to develop bridges between Standard Scottish English, standard English, Scots itself, Danish/Norwegian/Swedish, Dutch and German as well as with the Celtic language spoken in Scotland, Gaelic. It will be an interesting parallel with the Romance languages.


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